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August 17, 2012

Good Food March in Poznan – drumming at the opening of Transatlantyk Film Festival

August 15th – Over 300 people took part in Good Food March event in Poznan, Poland – Drumming for the World Without GMOs and for the global survival of the bees. The event was possible thanks to personal involvement of the Oscar Award winner Jan A.P. Kaczmarek – internationally renowned composer who has written the scores for over 50 feature films and documentaries.

In the protest participated British environmentalist – Graham White. G. White said: “”When I met Jan Kaczmarek in London, he told me that Transatlantyk was a ‘Festival of Ideas’, as well as of film, and that I could bring my message to a wider audience in Poznan.   I told him that, on the issue of the pesticide catastrophe, the Scientists have completely failed us: they have failed to protect bees, birds and wildlife from global extermination; they have collaborated in the poisoning of the human food chain; they have failed to protect the unborn child in the womb from nerve-gas agents.  Scientists have sold themselves to the corporations; they have silenced themselves by stuffing their own mouths with bundles of cash.  The politicians have failed us; the so-called regulators, the EU – all of them are wallowing like pigs in the money-trough, filled by the corporations; the stench of corruption fills the corridors of the EU and of every national parliament.

More events are planned in Poland in the next few weeks. Find out when, what and where: