Van De Beukenhof naar Vorselaar + Herentals

Today We left the farm Beukenhof after taking a photo with all the people coming there for useful empoyment suited to their abilties. They helped us hold the banner and shout our slogans: what do we want?: Good Food! When do we want it? Now!Beukenhof departure
When crossing a busy main road we unfolded the large banner across the railing and most of the truck drivers switched on their lights, hooted and waved before driving under into the viaduct, which was fun.
In Hoogstraten we had our lunch on a bench in the beuatiful beguinage and later coffee on a pavement café. There were lots of people around to watch beautiful art works made out of vegetables and flowers. A good destination for food???? We gave some of them leaflets to counterbalance it.
After proceeding onto sandier and sandier tracks till we had to walk and asking around we at last arrived at the place in Vorselaar, where Friends of the Earth are having a conference this week and they were kind enough to offer us hospitality. Bavos AardappelhoeveTonight we spent a real GOOD FOOD evening at the organic farm of Bavo Verwimp, where Flemish organisations such as WERVEL and voedselGroup had brought the Greek professor Kamenides who set up this great scheme for short chains which is benefiting both consumers and producers in these difficult times for the Greeks. In Thesaloniki all 14 communities offer this possibilty for consumers to hand in their shopping list and the Prof and his students arrange for farmers to deliver the goods the next week through the internet. In Athen half of the communities cooperate. The farmers deliver 12 products now. They are going to work according to a new model next year. That will be a good time to spread their model across Europe.Discussion on Bavos Farm

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