Good Food March in Tiel, Vught and Esbeek

On the wayOn a rainy friday with lots of headwind, especially on the dikes, we finally arrived at Tjunderij De Guit, a new built property with their own structure and the open mind to try new things (e.g. composting straw and liquid manure). Yesterday we started there again towards “De Groenen Hof” in Esbeek.

Ray of hope: pigs on pastureOn the way we came along huge fields without structural elements but we were told, that ten or twenty years ago, there were a lot of small farms with a diverse landscape, that had to leave for the agroindustry. But there was also a happy moment, when we saw a pasture with lucky pigs on it. The owners want to show, that we don’t need the megastables at all. And the pigs are thinking the same way.

Arrival on De Groenen Hof in EsbeekAfter the Arrival in Esbeek we were shown the structure and way of working on “De Groenen Hof”. As they produce seeds vor different vegetables and they are also breeding their own varieties of onion and carrots, another EU-policy-issue came up, that is highly on stake at the moment: the revision of the legislative on seed trade and seed ownership. We were told, that it is not looking good at the moment.

The day ended in an intensiv discussion about the future of food policy, our chances to make it better and the challanges, we are facing, like the food industry.

We are cycling for a better CAP Reform, even more with headwind. Brussels – we are coming!

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