Van Wageningen naar Thedinghsweert

The dutch route of  the Good Food March has started again for the final Etappes towards Brussels. After cycling from farm to farm the last weekends we will now cycle evry day, until we finally meet you all in brussels.

The Good Food March Team NL in front of the Wageningen University and Research Center

The Good Food March Team NL in front of the Wageningen University and Research Center

organic students in Wageningen

organic students in Wageningen

Yesterday we started from the farm Veld en Beek in Doorwerth towards the “city of life science” Wageningen, to visit the Wageningen University and Research Center. Huge cube-buildings welcomed us in the brave new world of the agricultural science. Fortunately we had an appointment with a class of students in the programm for organic agriculture. They also had some statements on the agriculture they want in future.

After a short tour throug the university (where we learned, that 10% of research fundings of the government were supposed to be  spent for organic research – but they finnaly also and in so called “sustainable” approaches)  we visited the organic experimental farm around in the afternoon.

In the evening we had “political grass roots dinner”, where we discussed good ways to make people value the food more again, like CSA, Slow Food and also urban community gardens do. The night we spent in the famous Droevendaal, a very special place in Wageningen, where lots of alternative thinking people live.
Today we cycled from Droevendaal/Wageningen to Thedinghsweert in Tiel. We had to cross the lower rhine and the waal river with ferrys and came along lots of apple orchards. When we arrived on the Zoergboerderij Thedinghsweert, where they have almost everything you can imagine on a farm, we were shown the diversity of this farm by one of the farmers.

Animals in Thedinghsweert

Animals in Thedinghsweert


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