“Taste and support good food!” – Bucharest

August 7th 2012:  On a warm summer’s evening in Bucharest, Re.Generation organized an evening of food and photos in the Romanian capital. The event called “Taste and support good food!” took place in a newly opened venue in the center of Bucharest, called Dianei 4, which supports different alternative projects.

Participants were invited to sample local products, and have their photo taken with their message for the EU institutions about the future agricultural policy they want to see in Europe. These will be used as part of the EU-wide Good Food March photo action and added to the photo album that will be delivered to EU institutions on September 19th in Brussels – the final day of the march.

There were tomatoes, cucumbers, 3 types of bread, gingerbread and apples from small farmers located in Bucharest and a village in Transylvania. Two additional small producers asked to join the event and bring their products to support the project! So there were more tomatoes, yellow melon and quail eggs. For the event, the organisation printed flyers with information on the CAP and discussions were held on the march and the reform process.

More information about the event in Bucharest can be found here:


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